Nature is no dummy. It is a closed loop of organic and inorganic material that works together like a symphony. The organic material also works together on its own to preserve life over the long haul.

    This is why it is important to know that for every ailment, there may be a natural substance which can help. For every organ in your body, there is a food of some sort that can help aid in its repair. In this article we will take a look at which foods are best for the heart.

    Foods Good for the Heart

    Beets are excellent for heart health. I mean look at the deep red color they give off. It’s almost like they are advertising this fact. Beets lower blood pressure by producing nitric oxide.

    Celery is great at repairing blood vessels. The antioxidants in this vegetable are also great for eliminating free-radicals which can damage the heart.

    Garlic is great to keep the blood flowing and from clumping. This has been a known fact for many decades. It makes your food taste delicious but it also literally extends your lifespan.

    One way to ingest these foods is to find a way to blend them and put them into drink form and gulp them down. Smoothies have been a staple of American culture for nearly 100 years. Doug, an employee at Island Smoothie Cafe, a smoothie shop located in the Outer Banks NC, said: “smoothies are becoming as much a part of American culture as hamburgers or hot dogs. Give it time and they will be on equal footing.”

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